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Genius Camp is a fun-packed, virtual event where teens will discover their true genius and natural pathway to success.

25 young teens (aged 12 to 18) will spend three half-days discovering their unique talents, passions and purpose.

The program focuses on recognising individual strengths and setting everyone up to succeed.

Whether you feel limited by school, want to explore starting a business of your own, or simply want to know more about your learning style and grow in confidence, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

The virtual camp is comprised of 3 key areas of focus:

Show Up ~
This is the opportunity for the Genius Campers to learn about their path of least resistance to success in life, how they learn best and how to use those strengths to help them achieve their goals not only in school today, but also throughout their lives.

Step Up ~
We dive deeper into how our Genius Campers own who they show up as in the world and as leaders in their school and communities. We will teach them how to leverage the team around them through focusing on and valuing the genius in each other camper.

Give Back ~
We create an opportunity for the Genius Campers to work together to give back to their community in a meaningful way. We also share with the parents and caregivers what the Genius Campers have learned and how they can continue to support them through understanding their path of least resistance as a student and future leader.

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Virtual Genius Camp | APAC
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10th, 11th, and 12th April 2021
9.00 am to 1.00 pm AEST (Brisbane, QLD)

Why Genius Camps

Genius Camps offer child-centred, personalised learning pathways that ignite the natural genius in young people, creating self-aware, lifelong learners.

Without personalised learning pathways, learning can often be disengaging, irrelevant or redundant. It is easy for children to become disillusioned, question their own abilities or lose motivation.

Our Genius Campers identify their genius, recognise their unique strengths, connect with their passions and start to explore a purpose for their life. They are encouraged to think beyond what is taught in school and explore opportunities beyond traditional jobs. They look at what is possible as a leader, as an entrepreneur, and explore examples of social enterprise.

Each Genius Camper is supported to build on their strengths and passions, develop life skills, and grow their confidence.

Many of the jobs around today will not be around in 5-10 years’ time. We’ll share some amazing stories of young entrepreneurs who have been super successful, and how they’ve achieved their success. We’ll share how you can apply their journeys to your own and establish your own goals for success.

The first-ever face-to-face Genius Camps have already happened in Bali, New Zealand, Thailand, United Kingdom & USA. Now we have gone virtual!!

We have created these events in partnership with Entrepreneurs Institute’s Genius School in response to the growing global demand to revolutionise education. Entrepreneurs Institute has a network of over 2,000,000 entrepreneurs worldwide and is passionate about reimagining education and helping to develop our young people with increased leadership, entrepreneurial and emotional intelligence skills that will lead to their success in our global society.

Each Genius Camper Adventure Pass includes:

Personalised Genius Report
Genius workbook & resources
Awesome learning experiences
Virtual social connections
Small group coaching
Family & friends seminar

Join Now for $345 for 
Virtual Genius Camp | APAC
Click on the ‘Buy ticket’ button at the top of the page to register

10th, 11th, and 12th April 2021
9.00 am to 1.00 pm AEST (Brisbane, QLD)

Our Genius Campers will walk away with the confidence of knowing who they are, how they can follow their flow and succeed in life, having had so much fun learning and growing all while making friends that will last a lifetime! Our families will walk away with a new language of communicating and a new way to support and get the best out of their children!

What our Genius Campers have to say about Genius Camp

‘I was glad to meet new friends and had an amazing time. I would come back to Genius Camp in a heartbeat and do it all again.’
‘The Genius Camp was fun. I got to meet new people, learn new things and it was great to learn about myself as a genius.’
‘I learnt how to find new ways to improve my learning.’
‘That everyone does things differently and that’s okay.’

What Each Genius Will Experience

Discover your true genius and see how it differs from other types of genius.
Understand why you find some things easy and other things not so easy, and why you learn differently from others.

Have a fun-packed event, meeting other teenagers and sharing your individual journeys.
Explore everything from how different genius types can make school work for you, to how different people find success and love what they do beyond school.

Explore your passions and what you really want to do with your life. Determine your vision and direction.
Grow your confidence in dealing with other people – and with life!

Being in Flow
Find out about an amazing concept called flow, learn how to get into flow, and how to stay in it, so you can learn better and focus on what you really enjoy.

Have your parents attend a family and friends session so they can understand your genius profile, what it means to be in flow, and help you find your natural path to a successful and fulfilling life.

Make a difference
Be prepared for the changing world of tomorrow. Explore the challenges and benefits of technology. Find out what it takes to make a difference in the world in your own unique way.

Join Now for $345 for 
Virtual Genius Camp | APAC
Click on the ‘Buy ticket’ button at the top of the page to register

10th, 11th, and 12th April 2021
9.00 am to 1.00 pm AEST (Brisbane, QLD)